Own delivery

system in your business

Manage the orders that come to you through your your digital channels and offer a good experience experience to your customers.

Problems that Cluvi solves with your delivery service.

Cluvi delivers you an advanced and intelligent delivery system that enables you to manage the orders that come to you from all your digital channels.
With Cluvi you have your own marketplace with high technology and experience for your your diners.

With Cluvi you will have tracking of all your orders.

Advanced polygon system for a correct coverage of your branches.
Automatic tracking system through WhatsApp for customers.
Program your discounts with Cluvi’s artificial intelligence.

Sending location to the home address

Sending location to the home address

Coupons for discount campaigns
Multilanguage menu

Really get to know your customers.

Cluvi gathers the information of your diners in your different sales channels
and creates a profile of each one of them.

Know information such as recurrence of your customers, do you know how many of your customers will come back in the next 180 days? Cluvi shows you this information in detail.

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We have integrations with all major payment methods

Cluvi is the most advanced digital smart menu in the world, designed to increase your sales, decrease time and costs, understand your diners and make better decisions.

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